This session has been created to give you an understanding of what working in school age childcare might look like, and give you the initial knowledge you'll need to help you get started.

Every service is different though, so it’s important you learn the specifics of your service and the children and families that use it. Don’t worry about taking all the information in at once during this session. With access to this session, you can come back in the future and use the content as a point of reference.

This session has been broken down into 6 main sections:

  • What is school age childcare?
  • Partner organisations
  • Relevant Legislation and frameworks
  • Qualifications and training
  • Useful Knowledge to Get You Started
  • Polices, procedures and questions to ask

Cost: £22

This session has been designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of staff at all levels in the subject of medication management, and how to utilise this in practice, to ensure medication is stored safely, administered safely, removed safely, and everything in between.

This session has been broken down into four main sections:

  • What is medication management?
  • The information that is required to be documented & recorded throughout the medication management process
  • A detailed look at each stage of a typical medication management process
  • Common medications you may come across

The management of medication in a school age childcare setting is a task that carries a great level of responsibility. The consequences that come with poorly managed practice in this area can cause serious harm to a child. 

Mistakes are more likely to occur when policies and procedures are not robust, understood, followed or updated regularly.

This is no doubt a reason why it is common practice for service’s medication management systems to be scrutinised during an inspection.

Cost: £27

This session has been designed to give a fundamental understanding of play to those members of staff and volunteers who may have recently joined the school age childcare sector, who have never accessed training on the subject before, or to those more experienced staff looking for a bit of a refresh.

In this session, there’s three main questions we’re going to try and answer.

  • WHY is play important?
  • WHAT is play?
  • HOW can we support play?

As members of the school age childcare sector, or what we used to refer to as the out of school care sector, we have a responsibility to advocate for play. To do that effectively, we must strive towards becoming experts in play, as we continue to further professionalise the sector and push for our knowledge and experience to be heard by our peers in other sectors we engage with.

You may well be an expert already, but it’s important that you continue to develop and challenge your understanding of play, considering the theories that define it, the evidence to support it and the skills to facilitate and enhance it.

The goal of this session is that you complete it having learned something, gained a new perspective, or have a renewed passion to take into your practice to ultimately support the children in your services to have the best possible play experiences.

Cost: £27